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How to change your KCTCS password


If your KCTCS password has expired or is about to expire please try to reset your password yourself.  Go to, select "Employees", select "Reset My Password", enter your KCTCS user name and current password, select "change my password" then follow the prompts.


If you cannot get it reset on your own let Hannah know and she will make a request through the Systems Office in Versailles.  DO NOT contact the Systems Office on your own.

KCTCS E-Mail Login


KCTCS e-mail is mandatory!  Any communication from our office to you will be to your KCTCS e-mail account.  If you do not check it regularly you will miss important information from our office.


PeopleSoft Access


Use PeopleSoft to access copies of your W2's, pay stubs, make changes to your direct deposit, update your home address, etc. 


Note: Choose HRMS PRD to enter time/payroll.

           Choose Financials PRD to enter travel expense reports.

  • Meeting Notes

    • This document is a numbered & bulleted training document for updating your User Account Center, entering Expense Reports, and entering your time electronically.

PeopleSoft Training Documents

Electronic Timesheets

Yellow Sheet - KFS1B


Feel free to print as many yellow sheets as needed (they do not need to be on yellow paper).  If you would prefer to pick up a stack of them from our office give Hannah a call in advance so she print them off.  The Fire Commission office no longer prints and provides these.

State Fire Rescue Training Roster


Feel free to print as many SFRT Rosters as needed.  If you would prefer to pick up a stack of them from our office give Hannah a call in advance so she can make arrangements to get them from the Fire Commission office.

CSEPP Approved SFRT Courses
CSEPP Event Roster Instructions
CESPP Event Roster
CESPP Evaluation Form


CESPP MUST be approved and posted on the Emergency Management Calendar at least 30 days prior to the date of the class.  The proper paperwork needs to be filled out before the class begins.  If you need to schedule a CSEPP class e-mail Brian or Hannah the following:

  • Name of the Course

  • Date/Dates it is to be presented (at least 45 days from start date)

  • Street Address of the training location


AFTER you teach the CSEPP class we need:

  • SFRT Student Roster

  • CSEPP Event Roster (1 per course, not per training session)

  • CESPP Evaluation Form (1 per student, per course, not per training session)


We do not need copies of the test, but we do need the test scores placed on the SFRT Roster in the "Grade" column.

Workers Comp First Report of Injury
KCTCS Accident Report Form


Both forms above MUST be filled out in the event of any injury, within 72 hours of the injury.  Turn the completed forms into our office as quickly as possible and contact Brian so he is aware of the situation.

King Ceiling Prop


Assembly instructions for the King Ceiling Prop.

Fireblast Helicopter and Car Fire 

Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Fireblast Trailer


Owners Manual.

Flashover Recognition and Survival Checklist


Flashover container operations guidelines.

Junior FF Program Guidelines


General Requirements and Information.

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