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Fire/Rescue Science Educational Programs


Fire/Rescue Science Technology:


The Fire Rescue Science Technology Degree Program is offered at Bluegrass Community and Technical College and is administered through the SFRT District 15 office. Students enrolling in this program receive training to prepare them for the Fire Service whether career or volunteer. Anyone interested in enrolling into the Fire Science program should contact BCTC for admissions. Questions about the program or academic advising should be directed to Brian Steele, District 15 Training Coordinator


Students may enter the program with or without experience in emergency services. The degree, certificate, and diploma programs that are offered can help you in obtaining employment in various emergency service fields, or if you are already a firefighter, help you get that promotion you have been waiting for. Classes are offered through State Fire Rescue Training and may be offered in various formats such as: Web courses, hybrid courses, and traditional classroom offerings.


If a student wishes to pursue a diploma from the Fire/Rescue Curriculum, he/she will be given credit for training taken as a volunteer firefighter from technical college instructors. The specific course requirements for the associate degree, diplomas, and certificates are available from the Fire/Rescue Training Coordinators. Students who seek an associate degree or diploma must enroll in a technical college and pay the required fees for registration and core classes. 


Program Checklists:







Emergency Medical Technician Certificate:


Students in the Emergency Medical Technician program are instructed in the proper care of sick and injured patients. Students are trained to treat victims suffering from traumatic and medical emergencies such as broken bones, puncture wounds, cardiac, and respiratory emergencies, vehicle accidents and more. This course meets the standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for EMT-Basic and the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services. Students that successfully complete the course and its requirements will be awarded a certificate for Emergency Medical Technician, and will be prepared to challenge the certification examination process set forth by the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services.


Program Checklist:




Notes to table below:

1. FRS + 3-digit denotes a collegiate formatted course for 3 or more credit hours

2. FRS + 4-digit denotes a fractional credit course

3. The FRS course titles are only for the purpose of indicating level of material

4. You will note many courses show little, if any, houses listed in the skills section.  As will all Fire Rescue Training Courses, at least 50% of training hours are hands on work where students are learning by doing under the guidance of an instructor. The accreditation agency views skill hours as those hours in a training program where a student is practicing tasks with little if any instruction being provided by an instructor.  Hours listed under lecture will include both classroom and hands on instruction.

5. 15-20 credit hours in General Education classes are required for this Degree in the following areas:

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